Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 27, 2020

Nature Now Moment

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness has been practicing present moment awareness for a long time.

If there is no other moment, than Now; I want to be fully in Nature.

Being in Harmony with Nature. Can you ‘dig’ it? Lol,πŸ™‚

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 24, 2020

Finding Joy

Find Joy. Whatever brings feelings of Joy. Do ThatπŸ™‚

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 21, 2020

Earth Day – April 22, 2020

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is always pleased to honor Mother Earth. Today; April 22, 2020, it is a pleasure to honor Mother Earth, in all of her forms.

Merging with Mother Earth. I love loving Mother Earth.

In highest gratitude for all that Mother Earth is; and, with the intention to always be walking in right relationship with herπŸŒŽπŸ’—

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 17, 2020

Exercising at Home

How much more inviting can it be? Exercise in your own home. You don’t need to go anywhere, you don’t need any special clothes, you don’t need any equipment. You don’t even need to pay; unless you can (donations of any sort are gratefully appreciated)

There is a ton of online fitness on the go right now. Mine is all in private Facebook groups. (I live in a rural place so my Internet is wonky.)

Get in touch if there is something about Wellness you would like to explore.


Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 10, 2020

Shout outs to people doing the best they can

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness would like to acknowledge all those who just can’t learn a language, do house repairs, exercise, or clean their spaces; right now.

Please honor that you may need a rest, permission to do ‘nothing’, time to just sit or lay down and be still.

I know that many people feel inspired to be active and creative. That is good to feel that way.

However, there are many that are not feeling inspired to do things; right now.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness wants to acknowledge those who can’t right now; just as much as she is grateful for those who can.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 4, 2020

4-4 Energy of Love

Lori Taylor has been writing and speaking of Love of Mother Earth, always; and, in all ways.

As we undergo this great transformation, I am here as always; sharing energies of Compassion, Love, Kindness, Joy, Harmony, Gratitude, Healing, Liberation, Oneness.

I am deeply grateful to be here; to be of highest and best service, to all that I meet. Thank you to Mother Earth for always being there, no matter what.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | March 29, 2020

Messages of Hope from Mother Nature

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is always so grateful to notice messages of Hope; from Mother Earth.

Even when this tree was blown down; and, uprooted, the tree decided to not stay down. The tree decided instead; to make a right angle turn, and to get up, stand up, live in spite of the odds.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | March 27, 2020

And; your story goes on

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is very grateful to be Trauma informed; and, to provide tools and techniques to provide comfort.

Recently, I met a man who very recently lost his 20 year old son; Josh, to suicide. This man showed me his tattoo in memory of the love of his son.

The semi-colon tattoo (;) is a movement of hope. It’s message is that if you have a semi-colon instead of a period (.) in your life story, your life story goes on.

If there is anything I can do for YOU during these uncertain times, please get in touch;

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | March 24, 2020

Acts of Kindness

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is feeling so humbled and grateful for kind people, all over the world.

While in Belize, offering Yoga/Meditation to all; I got a chance to meet many people.

When, I was leaving Glover’s Island, I worried about all those who would be losing their jobs. I wanted to give money; but, knew that I could not give monetary support. So, I gave hugs instead.

I was unprepared for the Loving kindness given by this hard working guy. He has 3 young children and now; no job.

(There are no Corona virus cases in Belize so I was still hugging and holding hands with people)

When I hugged this beautiful soul goodbye, he held my hand; giving Me money. How beautiful is that!

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | March 23, 2020

Acts of Kindness

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is so grateful to have Compassion and Loving Kindness coming my way.

Will you be my friend? A tremendous thank you to these fun loving people, celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, in Belize.

Each morning; during Yoga/Meditation, we practiced sending loving kindness in every way we could. The loving kindness I received from these beautiful people, will never be forgotten.

I am humbled and grateful to be a part of such a kind representation of Humanity.

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