Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 30, 2020

Online Fitness OR Fitness in Nature

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness has been offering Fitness and Wellness opportunities Online.

However, there is absolutely no comparison with doing In Person, In Nature, wellness experiences.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is back Outdoors.

If you are looking for a wellness program Outdoors, please get in touch.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 27, 2020

Looking for Me?

If you are looking for me; I am here.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 25, 2020

Be Here, in this Moment

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is blessed to have so many beautiful Meditation spaces.

Often Meditation can begin with trying to settle into the Now.

Invite yourself into the Now, into the beauty of this moment; here at the Ocean.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 23, 2020

Connecting to the Earth

How glorious it feels to be so connected to the Earth.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness encourages everyone to experience direct contact with the Earth.

Stand upon her, lay on her; allow yourself an intimate energy exchange; in full connection with Mother Earth.

Heart to heart, tune in.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 20, 2020


Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is feeling grateful that everyone now has an awareness of Trauma.

We now all know what Trauma looks and feels like.

The reason that it is good to be aware of Trauma; is to know the affects and effects of Trauma; and, how necessary healing of Trauma, is.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 18, 2020

My bliss is Abundant

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is feeling such deep depths of infinite Bliss.

I would have said I was doing okay; definitely missing the beach; but, doing okay.

Now; that I am back to my morning and evening beach adventures, I can see a dramatic difference in my well-being.

The peace and joy I now feel is overflowing; coming; and going in waves.

I am sending out this delightful energy to all who could use some peace and joy. I have an ocean of this energy to share. πŸ’«πŸŒŠ

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 14, 2020

If I cannot, I will be grateful for what I can

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness lives life in the wild.

Since we are currently not permitted to go to Beaches; I am deeply Grateful to have access to the Forest.

Necessary Nature 🌲 🐦 🌱

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 13, 2020

Surprise Smiles

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness finds pleasure in the loving signs from Nature.

It is such a welcome surprise to see Smiles from giant rocks; while hiking in the woods.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 6, 2020

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is overwhelmingly happy to be Hiking.

There is no Hiking Club right now; but , I managed to hug one of my forest friendsπŸ˜„

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | April 29, 2020

You can Grow

It is so exciting to plant seeds; and, then watch them grow

What seeds are you planting? Can you trust that the seeds will grow?

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