Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 18, 2019

Full Moon Ceremony – May 18, 2019 – Nova Scotia version

Full Moon Ceremony honouring the Scorpio Moon energy; and, Wesak.

In Gratitude to those who are inspired by the beauty and transformational energies of the Ocean.

Thank you for sharing your energy, during this Full Moon.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 16, 2019

Pop up – All Levels Yoga – Outdoors

You are welcome to join Lori Taylor Personal Fitness for a Pop up, All Levels Yoga class, Outdoors. Friday, May 17, 2019 at 11am, meet at the Train station platform, Musquodoboit Harbour. Cost is $10; or, by donation.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 13, 2019

Full Moon Ceremony – Clam Harbour Beach; May 18, 2019; 730pm

You are welcome to join a Full Moon Ceremony, May 18, 2019, 7:30pm, Clam Harbour Beach.

We will practice creating sacred space, grounding, heart felt intention creation, letting go, transforming, raising consciousness, elevating personal and collective vibration.

Cost is by donation. Dress warmly.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 11, 2019

Healing modalities – Sound

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness had a fantastic experience, connecting with the Earth meridians of consciousness, with the beautiful Soundbeings.The sound of the gongs create a vibrational energy shift, allowing healing to take place.If you; or someone you know, could benefit from a energy expansion experience, Lori Taylor Personal Fitness highly recommends the Soundbeings.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 10, 2019

Warrior Yoga – Outdoor Sessions

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is grateful to offer Warrior Yoga for PTSD, using Nature and Animals as the perfect combination of healing energy.

Feeling so grateful to have the opportunity; to participate in something so incredibly beneficial.

If you; or, someone you know; could benefit from Trauma informed Yoga, in Nature, please get in touch.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 9, 2019

Earth angel connections

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is so grateful to connect with Earth Angels.

My soul friend; Tracy, and I met in India; several years ago. It is beautiful to connect now, as if no time has passed.

Earth angels can appear at the time you need them most. Grateful 💓

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 8, 2019

Hiking Club – HRM Recreation

Hiking Club is on Saturday, May 11, 2019, 11am – 1pm & also a new day; Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Meet up location is Park Rd. Musquodoboit Harbour, Rails to Trails

parking lot, Musquodoboit Trailways.

Cost is Free

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 7, 2019

Will you be my friend? Canadian version

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is currently hanging out with her Canadian friends. Some friends are cute, some are a bit prickly, some are playful. Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is available for Outdoor Adventures. Get in touch for Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Personal Fitness training, Energy work, Full Moon Ceremonies, Retreats

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 6, 2019

Finding light in the Shadow self

It is okay not to be okay. When we have the courage to explore our Shadow self, we allow ourselves an opportunity to find a flicker of light.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | May 5, 2019

Yoga for all People – Webber’s Store

Yoga for all People is beginning again, Tuesday; May 7, 2019; 6:30pm, Webber’s Store.

Bring a mat. Cost is $10; or, by donation.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness will meet you where you are, on the mat.

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