Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 16, 2021

Nature Medicine

No matter the healing needed; whether it is physical, mental,

emotional, spiritual or soul level;

Nature’s medicine can do a lot.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 14, 2021

Overcome Fear

Using Mindfulness or changing one’s Mindset to overcome Fear is vitally important.

Fear is living in fight or flight. The negative effects of living in survival mode everyday; are endless.

We all can seek out ways to overcome Fear; as we are working with the mind.

Let’s rise together.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 2, 2021

Being ready for Adventures

Here at Lori Taylor Personal Fitness, we are always ‘on our toes’; ready for any; and all, Adventures.

Sometimes, we don’t even know exactly where we are going. However, we follow our Hearts and our nose/Intuition. 😊

If you feel ready for an outdoor adventure, we are willing and ‘Abel’ to be your guides.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | August 24, 2021

Nature-based healing

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness loves to be in Nature.

While forest bathing, there is an awareness of not needing to Know.

There is a surrender into just Being, instead.

May you find comfort and peace in Nature. 🌳🌲 πŸ’

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | August 20, 2021

Are you going through a healing process?

Hello my friends πŸ’•

Are you going through a wounding recovery process?

Are you ready to lean into the fears; so, they may be released?

I walk the path of Healing; and, may be able to help.

Please don’t feel like you are alone.

We are not alone.

If you are a healing helper; I would love to meet you too. πŸ‘‹

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | August 16, 2021

What can I do???

In today’s world, many people are asking the question ; ‘What can I do? to live in harmony, in Today’s world?’; ‘What can I do can I do to make a difference in Today’s world?’

What we can do is Raise our personal Vibration to one of Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, Kindness and Joy.

When our own hearts are overflowing; may we send out those high Vibrational energies out to the world. πŸ’•

Thank you; to 10 year old Mekelle Manuge for helping us be magical Butterflies πŸ¦‹ today.

May we send Love out to all of the world 🌎; so, all living things may feel happy and free 😊

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | August 14, 2021

Messages of Faith

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness was grateful to wake up early, to a warm orange light.

I honestly didn’t know where the light was coming from.

As I explored my surroundings, I saw that it was a battery operated candle that had somehow turned on.

The candle has the word ‘Faith’ on it.

I tried to turn the candle off; but, it won’t turn off.

So; I am sharing this message of Faith; to anyone who needs this powerful message. πŸ¦‹

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | August 7, 2021

I practice everything I teach

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is in the Personal development of Transformation; and, the Professional business of Transformation.

Everything I share with others has first been practiced on myself.

I am a human in these times, experiencing the highs and lows of life. I am learning. The current learnings add on to the wealth of personal experience and professional studies.

Here in Nova Scotia; Canada; we have experienced 3 Lockdowns.

I live alone, in a rural area. During, the first lockdown; we were not permitted to go to beaches or hiking trails. I was grieving my dog at the time; so, maybe a mixed blessing. However, I really felt a deep longing to be near the ocean; or the opportunity to go on a very long hike, through the woods.

I didn’t have much food in the house; and, only went out for the barest of essentials. I did not have any alcohol in the house. If I did, I likely would have drank it.😊 I did have some leftover Honey infused with weed; that was leftover from Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ˜¬. I did try that; and, probably had the best sleeps of my life. πŸ’€

I would have said I was surviving during this first lockdown. However, looking back; I would say I was probably depressed.

The second and third lockdowns were very different as I had the opportunities to live more in alignment with my healthy lifestyle.

I began Personal training a previous competitive hockey player πŸ’; 3 times a week; for 7 months and counting. I got a new dog πŸ•. We were allowed back on beaches and Hiking Trails. So, there were hundreds of hours spent Hiking and Beach roaming.

I spent daily time in personal Meditation practices and personal Yoga practices.

I studied a lot of Esoteric things. I tried to grow herbs 🌿; and studied a lot about how to eat well.

I do prefer to eat high vibrational food, exercise daily, meditate daily, practice Yoga daily, be in Nature daily.

How I live may not be for everyone.

However, if you are curious about living a healthier lifestyle; don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have practiced everything on myself first πŸ™ƒ

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Lori Taylor Personal Fitness had an hour of free time.

The two choices were go for a bicycle ride 🚲 or have a 🚿shower.

It turns out you can do both at the same time hahaha πŸ˜†.

The important question is; should you be Multi-tasking? Quite a personal need question, perhaps πŸ€”.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | August 1, 2021

Honouring Mother 🌎Earth πŸŒ±

In Andean Traditions; August 1, as well as the whole month of August, is especially devoted to Pachamama (Mother 🌎 Earth).

Pachamama is referred to as both planet Earth; and, the universal Feminine energy.

Thank you to my dearest Bolivian friend; Tatiana Guerrero Vallejos, for sharing this important teaching.

It is time on Earth; to return to the ways of Nature. Pachamama (Mother Earth) is within us; and, we are within her.

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