Posted by: loritaylorfitness | October 18, 2020


While hiking, I am so grateful for the teachings from Mother Earth

I can see; and, feel how all things are Interconnected.

I am tuning into energy healing; in a way that understands that all things are connected.

ThankYou Mother Earth, for these beautiful teachings.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | October 12, 2020

Fox – Spirit Animal Message

Today, I saw 3 different Foxes, in 3 different locations.

Since, it is not overly common to see a fox; as they do not want to be seen, I find myself paying attention on purpose.

I received the message that there was a desire for communication.

So, I will keep my eyes open, have courage, be adaptable, be open to receive necessary wisdom.

Change is happening. I am not alone.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | October 11, 2020

Walking in Peace

Feeling grateful on this Canadian Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for many things. I am deeply honored to be of service to Mother Earth and those that walk upon it.

I want to give a special shout out of Gratitude, to Thich Nhat Hanh. Happy 94th birthday.💞 Thank you for your lifetime of inspiration and Service.


I will keep walking the path of Peace; as long as I can.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 29, 2020

Goat Yoga – In Harmony with Nature

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness loves Nature, in all of its forms.

It is with pleasure that I have the opportunity to teach Goat Yoga 6 more times; this year.

Each day, we have an opportunity to be a teacher and a student. Goat Yoga definitely offers this blessing.

It is with highest gratitude that I get to see so many smiles on people’s faces; in response to the everyday antics of baby goats.

Inhale – Joy, Exhale – Joy 🧘🐐

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 24, 2020

Beach Day Picnic

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness loves good food; especially when on Outdoor Adventures.

Thank you to Memory Lane Heritage Village for the scrumptious Home-made Picnic for today’s Hiking and Beach Day Extravaganza.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 20, 2020

International Day of Peace 2020

International Day of Peace Blessings to All living things.

May we stand together for Peace.

Compassion, Hope and Kindness is shared from Lori Taylor Personal Fitness now; and always.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 18, 2020

Soothing Spaghetti sauce and Salsa making Day

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness has been working hard.

Today, will be spent soothing my soul by making Spaghetti sauce and Salsa.

There is something so comforting about cooking Healthy; for tuning into Self care practices.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness is feeling very Grateful for all those who help me Be me.💞

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 16, 2020

First time teaching Goat Yoga

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness loves animals; so, it was a gift to teach Goat Yoga, for the first time.

Thank you to the French Duck Farm for this wonderful opportunity to laugh, to be in the moment, to experience Joy.

Thank you to all who came to witness a energy of curiousity and wonder.💫

Stay tuned for more opportunities to experience Goat Yoga.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 10, 2020

Energy Plug In

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness knows where her Energy plug ins are.

If you are seeking help to raise your Energy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Together, we can find a Connecion.

Posted by: loritaylorfitness | September 2, 2020

Full Moon Energy – September 2020

Full Moon Energy is always intense.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness connects with this Transformational energy.

Sending waves of compassion, love, kindness, gratitude, freedom and joy; from my heart to yours.

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